We Couldn't Be Any Happier

Short Film, Drama

Actors and crew complete a commercial ad for a couple's counseling service.

Director:  Sergio M. Lorenzana

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Nick Nauert

Noëlle Peterson

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Sergio M. Lorenzana

Director / Cinematographer

Tom White



Director:  Sergio M. Lorenzana

Co-Director: Tom White

Director of Photography: Sergio M. Lorenzana

Producer: Tom White

Production Design: Briana Capo

Sound Recordist: Mike Fitzgerald

MUA: Jan Franklin

PA: Caitlin Whitaker, Deonte White, Lachlan McClellan, Nykoi Potts

Editor: Sergio M. Lorenzana

Assistant Editor: Tom White

Cast (Order of appearance)

Man #1: Steve Gabara

Woman #1: Sommer Mitchell

Man #2: Ernie Smith

Man #3: Trip Rumble

Woman #2: Rebecca Small

Man #4: Evan Small

Sean: Nick Nauert

Sam: Noelle Peterson

2nd AC: Zeke Banks

Director: Chris Abaya

AD: Zeke Banks

DP: Caitlin Whitaker

PA: Deonte White

MUA: Jan Franklin

Voice Actor: Joel King