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Channel 757

Channel 757 has created award-winning web series, narrative film, live comedy and other original content.

Many of our productions have been seen on television/online streaming platforms and our short films have played in many different theaters across the US and the world. 

Young happy couple sit on their couch smiling facing the camera

We Couldn't Be Any Happier

Drama, Short Film

cinematic image of man looking out of a window. very dramatic

A Cure for Loneliness

Drama, Short Film

beautiful ethnic girl with tribal makeup on face arm is outstretched

Girl on Girl

Action, Short Film

man wrestling. wrestling competition. wrestling action shot

Web Documentary

Weekend Warriors

behind the scenes of a Video Shoot. film equipment dispersed in warehouse

The Waiting Place

Short Film

Joel King - TWP.png
Joel King - TWP.png

The Bridge

Limited Web Series


Silence in Between

Short Film

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